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Safe Gap Year is a training and consultancy company specialising in Independent Travel Safety and Cultural Awareness.


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“Every gap year student should have some skills training to help them travel in a more sensible and informed way. There are very few things in life that we expect to go off and do with no training, so why do we assume that travelling in the developing world can be achieved without preparation?”

Charlotte Hindle – author of Lonely Planet’s ‘Gap Year Guide’

Safe Gap Year has developed an Gap Year / Independent Travel Safety Course designed for gap year and independent travellers of all ages.

The course helps learners prepare effectively to travel more safely and provides them with the knowledge to make informed judgements both prior to and during their travels.

Our Gap Year / Independent Travel Safety Course has been developed to be effective for the mainstream ‘gapper’ / independent traveller and to deal with the realistic problems which they may encounter; problems which can cut short and ruin a trip, lead to significant costs, legal difficulties and health issues. 


Our Objective and Mission Statement


To eliminate the all too common use of the phrase ‘it happened out of the blue’ and help individuals plan and implement their travel proactively to see ‘beyond the blue’.


To assist our clients in maximising their full potential; guiding them towards new, exciting, safe and successful independent travel experiences.


Our focus is on how we can change attitudes and views to ensure that clients gain an effective advantage. We provide them with skills, knowledge, confidence and perspective to help them make the most of all the new challenges and opportunities they encounter.


Our objective is to provide consistent 'excellence in customer service' to every client; from individuals to our biggest corporate clients.




  • 250,000 ‘gap years’ are taken every year.
  • 1 in 4 of gap year travellers will experience a ‘serious incident’ during travel.
  • 29,774 British passports were lost or stolen in the year 2008-09 (FCO statistics)
  • 154 sexual assaults and 116 rapes were 'reported' in the year 2008-09 (FCO statistics)
  • 75% of travellers fail to check if the terms of their travel insurance are adequate.
  • The average travel insurance medical claim is £2,500; medical repatriation costs can be between £15,000 and £35,000
  • Independent Travel provides life-changing experiences, life-long memories and expands our horizons.
  • Constructive gap years and career breaks are viewed as an enhancement of a CV, when they positively challenge the participant.