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Destination Advice

Gap Years

Gap years are not just for the young and they don’t have to take a whole year… so really the term ‘Gap Year’ is a little outdated.

So with this understanding that a Gap Year can be shorter or longer than a year and taken at any time in life what are the advantages of a Gap Year?

The first and most important advantages are that they can be a lot of fun, an incredible experience, a life-changing process and give an insight into a magical world.

Career Breaks

The number of people choosing to take a career break is growing every year. This is great news for everyone as the more people who take a career break the more acceptable it becomes to employers and the smaller the ‘impact’ it has on future career opportunities.

The situation has now progressed to the point where some employers have chosen to introduce career break schemes into their employment policies.

Working & Volunteering Abroad

Independent travel and gap years are undertaken for many different reasons, there is no right or wrong reason to go; some people just go for fun, for others it is to see as much of the world as they can, increasingly independent travellers are also volunteering or working during their time abroad.



One in three ‘gappers’ volunteers or works for part or for all of their trip.

Destination Advice

Once you have decided to travel, take a gap year or career break, the first question you will have to ask yourself is; where do I go?

You may have dreamed of a destination for many years, been inspired by a book, film or documentary; maybe you are not even sure why, but a destination has been stuck in the back of your mind.

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