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Applying for visas can take time and be expensive.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is Essential!

Don’t cut corners with your travel insurance, cheaper is not better; but that does not mean you have to buy the most expensive either.

The important thing with Travel Insurance is to ensure it is ‘Fit for Purpose’.


‘Fit for Purpose’ 

Your travel insurance is the last line of defence when something goes wrong, it will get you treated in hospitals which will not touch you without proof you can pay, it will repatriate you if the worst happens, it will replace your valuables if they disappear and

Documentation, Insurance & Money

One of the hassles of travel is the ‘administration’ that goes with it, there is no way round this and it must be a fundamental part of the planning process.

Get it right first time and you will not have to spend the duration of your trip thinking or worrying about it, when you should be having fun.

Get it wrong or ignore it and your trip might be over before it has begun. Things go wrong during travel, this is an unfortunate fact; over 29,000 British passports were lost or stolen in 2009 while people were abroad.

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