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Travel Safety Advice

Women Travellers

The key to safe travel is to a large extent common sense coupled with a good knowledge of the country and culture which you are visiting.

Safe travel is important for both men and women and almost all of the safety advice we provide in our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop is relevant to both sexes.

Drugs & Alcohol

The easiest way to deal with the problems which arise as a result of the consumption of drugs or alcohol is very simple; don’t take illegal drugs and don’t drink!

That is probably a little obvious and a little un-realistic….



Many people who travel enjoy a drink of alcohol and many enjoy the sociability that having a drink can provide; travel is meant to be fun…

The key is to understand a little about the differences in the strength of drinks in other countries and the additional risk that being ‘drunk’ puts you in.

Terrorist Threat

The risk of terrorism exists in much of the world and is inescapable; travelling on the transport network in any European city puts you at some risk.

Dealing with the threat from terrorism it is all about one thing; risk reduction.

Although there is some level of threat from terrorism in much of the world, there are clearly areas where the risk is far greater than in others and up-to-date information is a vital tool in allowing you to make informed judgements.

It is also important to understand the nature of terrorism in different parts of the world; there are some c

Travel Health

With the considerable organisation required for a successful gap year or independent travel experience, travel health issues often gets put to one side to be dealt with at a later time.

Travel Safety

Independent travel does not unfortunately come without risk. Figures put the rate of ‘serious incident’ at 1 in 4. However the challenges faced during travel do not need to result in disaster or a ruined trip; many can be resolved before they ever get that far.

Reducing the risks involved in travel does not need to be boring or ruin the ‘adventure’; taking a few simple steps and carrying out some independent research will actually have the opposite effect.

Travel Equipment

Type 'Travel Equipment' into the Google and it returns 75,000,000 results; this is an accurate representation of the available options to choose from.

A visit to your local outdoor equipment retailer can be little better, with overwhelming choice and in some cases ‘aggressive’ selling techniques matched only in the street markets of South East Asia.

You will encounter shelf upon shelf of equipment you have never seen before, don’t understand and yet for some reason feel you should buy; often due to the 'must-have travel accessory' advertising.

Documentation, Insurance & Money

One of the hassles of travel is the ‘administration’ that goes with it, there is no way round this and it must be a fundamental part of the planning process.

Get it right first time and you will not have to spend the duration of your trip thinking or worrying about it, when you should be having fun.

Get it wrong or ignore it and your trip might be over before it has begun. Things go wrong during travel, this is an unfortunate fact; over 29,000 British passports were lost or stolen in 2009 while people were abroad.

Destination Advice

Once you have decided to travel, take a gap year or career break, the first question you will have to ask yourself is; where do I go?

You may have dreamed of a destination for many years, been inspired by a book, film or documentary; maybe you are not even sure why, but a destination has been stuck in the back of your mind.

Personal Safety

Your personal safety when travelling is dependent on a vast number of factors and will vary from country to country.

The issues which affect personal safety can often be a mixture of the many of the subjects covered in this section of our website.

One aspect of personal safety which is not on every traveller’s check-list is the issue of dealing with conflict and aggression.

Our Travel Advice

There are many sources of travel advice; our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop brings this information and advice together in one place.

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