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A Note to Schools, Colleges & Universities

Our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshops are suitable for participants of all ages and all backgrounds. Whether it is a gap year being planned or a three week volunteering project as an organised group the knowledge and skills we provide help participants to travel more safely and to prepare effectively for the challenges they will face.

Our workshops not only provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to travel more safely but also provide reassurance for parents, friends and family left behind. For more details please visit our A Note to Parents page.

We work with a number of schools, colleges and universities in providing information and guidance to students planning a gap year or any form of independent travel.

We also develop bespoke workshops for organised groups travelling either; with the institution, with a third party organisation or independently. Please Contact Us for further details.

The partnerships we develop with educational establishments reflects the amount of participation they require from us. We can offer any of the following options:


  • In-House Workshops – We can run our workshops in-house (on-site at the school, college or university) at the convenience of those attending. This reduces the expense of participants for travel and overnight accommodation.
  • Provide Leaflets, Business Cards and Posters - for display
  • Set up a Stand and Talk to Students and / or Parents – During welcome days, parent’s evenings, gap year shows, careers fairs, open days, other events or as a stand-alone activity.
  • Provide Introductory Talks for Students and / or Parents – These can focus on different subjects from our workshop or more generally about preparing for Gap Years and Independent Travel.
  • Provide Copy or Articles – for student magazines, student / parent newsletters, e-mail news-shots, websites or other publication.
  • Appoint Safe Gap Year Ambassadors – For further details please visit our Become a Safe Gap Year Ambassador page.


For further information on any of these option please call us on 01784 434 392 or Contact Us.