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Gap Years becoming Snap Years

The ‘Snap Year’… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it… the pedantic side of my personality also needs to point out that the headline ‘Snap Year’ is also somewhat missing the point.

A travel insurance company has carried out a survey which suggests that of people planning an extended trip next year, over 90% plan to be away for less than 4 months.

So the headline should read ‘Gap Snap’….

From our perspective be it a gap year or a ‘gap snap’, the preparation needs to be the same. Statistics show clearly that the first three days in and new country / location with which you are unfamiliar are statistically the most dangerous.

Maybe we could just stick with the term ‘Gap Year’, on the assumption that it is a gap in a year rather than a determination of the duration of the gap. The point of a gap year is to experience something different, something new, it is a chance to make the most of a transition period; be that between school and university, school and career, university and career, career and new career, or even one month and another.

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Source – Telegraph

Date – 10th May 2011

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew


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