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A Note to Travel, Gap Year & Volunteering Organisations

Organisations which offer structured gap year travel, work or volunteering in groups will often already provide some form of induction relevant to the projects, destinations, length of travel and activities to be under-taken.

Many people use these organised schemes as a launch pad for further independent travel; often completing a volunteering project and then setting off on their own to further explore the destination or other parts of the world.

This can leave participants with a gap in their training / induction and unprepared for their wider travel. This is especially true for young people experiencing travel for the first time; a lack of awareness in the different approaches required for different destinations can result in problems during further travel. Many parents take comfort from their child travelling with an organised group and appreciate having access to additional training.

Our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge to plan more effectively for safe travel; this in turn benefits travel organisations as they are less likely to require assistance during travel.

For companies looking to out-source their training we can also develop tailored workshops for organised groups which focus on the learning objectives dictated by the client following a ‘training needs analysis’ we conduct and which is delivered by our professionals.

We have developed reciprocal agreements with clients which include, but are not limited to:


  • Advising your clients about the availability of our ‘open’ workshops – depending on the nature of any agreement it may be possible for Safe Gap Year to offer clients who book with you a discount on our workshops.
  • Affiliated reseller agreement – you sell our workshops to your clients and receive an affiliate fee for every sale.
  • Workshops for organised groups – we design and deliver workshops for organised groups which are specifically tailored to meet their identified learning objectives
  • Display of Safe Gap Year leaflets / posters in your outlet(s) – We can provide posters, leaflets and leaflet stands to display as an additional service to your customers.
  • Product placement & recommendations – we recommend a number of products to people attending our workshops and through our website. Recommendations are based on the merit of the product being fit-for-purpose, rather than for financial gain by the company. We will not accept monetary incentive to recommend a product during a workshop, but where we recommend a product and the supplier offers a discount we will pass this on to participants.
  • Exchange of website links


We already have a number of successful reciprocal agreements in place and welcome enquiries from any organisation interested in working with us in any of the capacity, please Contact Us for further details.