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Bus-stop bombing kills one in Bangkok

I have written a lot about Thailand and Bangkok in particular in this news blog over the last few years. However as such a popular destination, I do not think it does any harm to highlight that although the obvious threat from protestors has temporarily subsided, an underlying threat remains.

Further terrorist activity and a resumption of protest should be expected at any time in Bangkok particularly; as we have seen in the past, this can quickly spread to other parts of the country with the popular backpackers destination of Chiang Mai in the North of the country particularly prone to experiencing these types of activity.

To read more about the current situation in Thailand visit the FCO Advice – Thailand page and our previous news blog entries:

The key to safe travel in Thailand is to keep up-to-date with local news while you travel through the country and at the first sign of political protest or unrest, leave the area. Pay particular attention during any local or national elections and if there is any sign of ill-health in the king who holds a much revered place in the hearts of all Thai people.


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Source – www.bbc.co.uk 

Date – 25th July 2010

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew