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Newlyweds stranded after fall

If ever there was a story to reaffirm the point I made in my recent news blog entry (Warning tourists of the dangers of ‘Balconing’) here it is.

Now I’m not suggesting that this incident in Corfu was anything other than an accident, but it does once again demonstrate two things; balconies are dangerous places and more importantly the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) scheme is no substitute for comprehensive Travel Insurance.

The EHIC will only get you the same treatment as local people. In some parts of Europe this treatment will be better than in the UK, but in others it will be less good. The point is most people who suffer illness or accident want to be treated in the UK and want access to the specialist treatment we are all automatically entitled to.

More to the point an accident like the one suffered by Carrie-Anne Dudbridge can result in injuries which require months of hospital treatment and rehabilitation, people need the support of friends and family at these difficult times and for that you need to be at home.

The EHIC will not cover repatriation costs, which if you cannot leave hospital and board an aeroplane in the normal manner can cost upwards of £15,000 even from Europe; and significantly more from other parts of the world. In addition to this travel partners and friends will also need to fund their ‘extended’ stay.

The EHIC is a good additional measure to take when travelling in Europe, but it is the BACK-UP to travel insurance, not the substitute.


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Source – The Evening Standard 

Date – 19th August 2010

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew