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Watch Your Drink

Drink spiking and food spiking can be a real danger during travel with each area of the world having its ‘preferred’ methodology.

In the UK we generally assume that the purpose if ‘drink spiking’ is drug assisted sexual assault or rape, sometimes referred to as ‘date rape’.

In much of the rest of the world the drugging of food and drink is more often used for the purpose of theft.

In India for example the instances of drugged food on trains is on the increase, its primary purpose being for theft. Imagine waking up in very unfamiliar surroundings and every possession is gone; it is at this point that plan Z needs to kick-in. Only through effective planning will you have a plan Z in place, a plan for when things really go wrong.

Cosmopolitan magazine picked up on some of these issues and contacted us for expert opinion. We discussed with them the various ways to avoid drugged food and drink and highlighted the fact that it is just as important to understand that drink spiking is also done using alcohol; rather than controlled drugs, such as GLB, Ketamine, Rohypnol etc.

There is always safety in numbers and one member of your group abstaining from alcohol or a gift of food is one way to look after each other, the other is simply not to accept food & drinks from strangers and remain vigilant.

Make sure you don’t underestimate the size of alcohol measures abroad in comparison to the UK and the effects of other factors such as food, prescription drugs, altitude etc. on the rate of alcohol absorption.

Moderating your behaviour to avoid sending the wrong messages will also reduce the risks; in some countries even innocuous actions such as drinking alone, smoking and dancing can be misinterpreted.

During Our Workshops we discuss the dangers from drink / food spiking and further ways you can protect yourself.

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Source – Cosmopolitan 

Date – July 2010