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Wounded elephant kills 11 – including a worshipper

Wild animals pose a serious threat to humans and the situation gets worse every year as man encroaches slowly on the last remaining natural habitats available to them.

Elephants alone kill over 200 people around the world every year, generally when on drunken rampages after eating fruit which has dropped from trees and fermented.

While it is certainly worth being aware of the dangerous animals living in the environments you may be visiting during travel, this should in no way put you off travel or cause you great concern while you are travelling.

Following local guidance and understanding the danger each animal poses and therefore how to protect yourself from them, will significantly reduce any risk you face.

Wild animals pose little danger to travellers who take care; on the rare occasion that travellers do come to harm, it is generally because they have been reckless.

By way of example snakes which scare many people, kill very few people in Australia (despite it having many of the world’s deadliest species); yet snakes in South East Asia kill thousands every year. The difference is millions of people in Asia work in paddy fields, barefoot and a favourite habitat of snakes. So the reason people in Australia don’t suffer as badly (apart from the availability of anti-venom) is simple; shoes.

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Source – The Times

Date – 10th December 2009