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Friday, 16 September, 2011 - 21:00

The travel safety advice and opinion of the experts at Safe Gap Year are sought after by many individuals, organisations and the media.

The Daily Express journalist Adrian Lee contacted Peter Mayhew the Director of Safe Gap Year to discuss travel safety issues in the wake of the tragic murder of David Tebbutt and kidnap of his wife Judith Tebbutt by suspected...

Friday, 5 August, 2011 - 21:00

Attacks by Polar Bears are rare, but not unheard of and those living, working and travelling in their habitat know to give them a very wide berth and to put measures in place to protect themselves.

The tragic incident in which Horatio Chapple lost his life and 4 others in the group sustained serious injuries serves as the worst kind of warning to everyone that when you wander into the habitat of a top predator, you can be perceived by them as prey or a threat....

Sunday, 12 June, 2011 - 18:38

There is one question I get asked on a daily basis, ‘what can I do to avoid danger on my trip’ or a variant there of. If I could answer this in one or two paragraphs, I would copyright it tomorrow and retire…

The challenges which face travellers to almost any part of the world are so diverse, that even during our one day safety course I always wish we had twice as much time.

It is essential to adequately prepare during the planning stages for any trip and to...

Monday, 9 May, 2011 - 21:00

The ‘Snap Year’… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it… the pedantic side of my personality also needs to point out that the headline ‘Snap Year’ is also somewhat missing the point.

A travel insurance company has carried out a survey which suggests that of people planning an extended trip next year, over 90% plan to be away for less than 4 months.

So the headline should read ‘Gap Snap’….

From our perspective be it a gap year or a ‘gap snap’, the...

Sunday, 1 May, 2011 - 21:00

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a general travel warning following the death of Bin Laden in Pakistan.

Osama Bin Laden was killed earlier today in an operation by inside Pakistan, the political and global security ramifications of which will be discussed for many months to come and history will ultimately be the only judge of the effect this will have on the world.

In the immediate future we can expect those individuals and ‘...