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Our Travel Advice

There are many sources of travel advice; our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop brings this information and advice together in one place. Participants learn alongside others in the same situation as them, from our experts who all have first-hand experience of the subjects they teach.


Of the 250,000 gap year and independent travellers who set off every year from the UK, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) estimates that 30% travel independently with inadequate preparation and support; they refer to this high risk group as ‘The Invincibles’.


Even those who book with a gap year or volunteering company need to avoid complacency. Although there are many excellent companies who provide suitable training prior to sending participants on a project, you must do your own research; a recent survey (2009) suggested 3 out of 4 provided none or inadequate training.


Even the most seasoned travellers experience ‘culture shock’ when they visit a new country. It is a commonly misunderstood problem which can be a factor in escalating usually manageable challenges into incidents which can ruin travel.


We help participants on our workshops manage all the challenges they encounter and allow them to make the most of all the opportunities presented to them, more safely.


A short introduction to each of the subjects we cover during our workshop has been published here on our website, these include:



Carrying out effective research before travel is essential in the risk reduction process. Proactive planning and learning from people who have the experience, will demonstrate the overwhelming benefits of independent travel and how it can be a positive life-changing experience.

Don’t let paranoia ruin your trip, the best advice we can give anyone is to be confident in what you are doing, Don’t not go swimming because you don’t have anyone you trust to leave your passport with; if there is any reason not to go swimming then let it be the salt-water crocodiles that put you off… that at least makes sense!