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Women Travellers

The key to safe travel is to a large extent common sense coupled with a good knowledge of the country and culture which you are visiting.

Safe travel is important for both men and women and almost all of the safety advice we provide in our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop is relevant to both sexes. However female travellers and specifically a lone female travellers, will on occasions need to take additional precautions and perform additional research to prepare before embarking on a trip.

For women an awareness of your destinations is a key element to travelling more safely. Understanding a women’s status within your destination countries will help you anticipate the reactions you will encounter.

Noting women’s behaviour and knowing what local women wear; covering up or wearing looser fitting clothes, might not reflect current fashion trends, but could help divert unwanted attention and avoid you insulting local cultural sensitivities. Our workshops will help you to understand and respect the cultural differences of your destination countries.

Portraying confidence is an important element of ensuring your safety. But portraying confidence and feeling confident are entirely different. We help you feel confident, understand your environment and appreciate ways to increase your personal safety; this newly gained confidence will then portray itself in your behaviour when you travel.

For women travellers there are many ways to provide extra protection from harm, unwanted attention and harassment. Lists are by no means exhaustive, but consider tips such as:


  • Covering up
  • Spending a little more on safer accommodation
  • Not arriving at places in the dark
  • Wearing dark glasses to avoid having to make eye-contact
  • Wearing a wedding ring, even if you are not married.
  • Having pictures of children or a husband (even if they are not yours) back home which might ensure your respectability isn’t questioned
  • Being confident
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Keeping in touch with people and ensuring that people know where you are


A very important part of our workshop, this session is not just for female travellers. It is just as important for male travellers to obtain this information so that the protection offered by travelling with other people is afforded to all.

Understanding the place of women in the society also allows male travellers to understand the appropriate way to behave with a partner or women they meet along the way; be they locals or fellow travellers.