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Travel Equipment

Type 'Travel Equipment' into the Google and it returns 75,000,000 results; this is an accurate representation of the available options to choose from.

A visit to your local outdoor equipment retailer can be little better, with overwhelming choice and in some cases ‘aggressive’ selling techniques matched only in the street markets of South East Asia.

You will encounter shelf upon shelf of equipment you have never seen before, don’t understand and yet for some reason feel you should buy; often due to the 'must-have travel accessory' advertising. It is easy to find yourself walking out, having spent £300-£500 and with a huge dent your travel budget.

It is not until you get back after your trip and tip your ‘over-priced’ backpack out onto the floor that you realise how much of what you bought was never used; it’s at this point that you’ll resent all the times during your trip when you were cursing the weight of you pack.

Over-packing is one of the most common mistakes of even seasoned travellers. It is an expensive mistake and a burden which affects the enjoyment of travel, as you drag an over-sized pack around the world.

More important than over-packing, is making sure you pack the right items for your destination. Turning up in a desert with warm weather clothing and a one-season sleeping bag, may be fine for the day-time but will be useless when the temperature dips below freezing at night.

Our approach to equipment is four-fold; suitable for purpose, minimal; versatile; and we never ignore the important factors of comfort and familiarity.

Versatility is central to all our choices, as versatile equipment reduces bulk. It is particularly important when your equipment has to suit multi-destination trips which take-in environments as different as tropical rainforest and high altitude.

During our Independent Travel Safety and Cultural Awareness workshop we have a session dedicated to appropriate equipment choices and demonstrate where significant cost and weight savings can be achieved.

Remember you are looking for new experiences, so you can leave some of the old ones behind.

Be warned, no matter how good your argument, we have never concurred with anyone who insists that hair straighteners are ‘an essential’ on their equipment list…!

Anyone attending our workshop will receive 10% off all travel equipment from our partners at Nomad Travel & Outdoor.