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Travel Safety

Independent travel does not unfortunately come without risk. Figures put the rate of ‘serious incident’ at 1 in 4. However the challenges faced during travel do not need to result in disaster or a ruined trip; many can be resolved before they ever get that far.

Reducing the risks involved in travel does not need to be boring or ruin the ‘adventure’; taking a few simple steps and carrying out some independent research will actually have the opposite effect. The confidence gained through effective preparation not only reduces the risk, but allows you to make the most of all the new experiences encountered without being held back by the constant stress of travel itself.

Of the risks travellers face, some are familiar and similar to challenges you face at home, some are new and others remain unknown until encountered. The reason you may be at greater risk when you travel is that the risks you face are unfamiliar and so you may not be aware of them before being affected by them.

Another factor which is often overlooked is how even small ‘innocuous’ incidents can be significantly magnified when you are in remote locations. ‘Incidents’ which at home you would take in your stride without much second thought, can cause considerable disruption or ruin a trip and lead to substantial costs.  

Travelling safely is not a one-step process it is a combination of many different approaches including all those subjects listed in this section of our website and covered during our workshop. Each adds a thin veil of protection and risk reduction which when all taken together can lead to significant improvement in your safety during travel.

Our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop provides the building blocks to understand how all the different ‘layers’ come together to provide additional safety which will go some way in reducing the risks. It will allow you complete your planning and research with a sense of purpose and direction, as well as providing knowledge which can simply not be learnt from a guide book.

Our aim is to help you travel safely, enjoy your adventures, be inspired in preparation for travel and get home safely to your friends and family so you can ‘bore’ them with endless tales and photographs… all of which are positive.