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Accommodation Options & Safety

Your choices of accommodation during travel are a reflection of two aspects; budget and availability.



Your budget will determine whether you favour Hotel or Hostel, 5 star or under the stars.

If you have the budget for hotels then your travel will be distinctly more comfortable, however hotels tend to be relatively impersonal, people keep themselves to themselves and so you can miss out on the vital information hubs which hostels tend to be.

For those on a tighter budget the hostel is the mainstay of accommodation options. They are fun, cheap, friendly, informal, lively, hubs of information and a great place to meet fellow travellers. However they can get a bit tedious, the lack of personal space, lack of privacy and the inability to just empty a pack onto the floor to reorganise can get rather tedious. We would recommend that you always factor into your budget a few nights in a hotel or guest house just to retain your sanity. A little comfort goes a long way.



Travellers are catered for in almost every corner of the world and the places where there is no accommodation available are limited. However the hostel culture is still not widespread throughout the whole world and those countries and regions where hostels are not commonly available tend to be catered for by ‘guest houses’; a cheaper option then hotels and often more friendly they afford some level of privacy, they are a great cross between the hotel and hostel cultures.

Where nothing is available the only option is to be self-sufficient, in other words to hire a campervan or to take a tent. Camping is a cheap alternative, however our advice is only take a tent if you really need it; many countries require you to camp in official campsite and in others camping is not widely understood and possibly unsafe or even insulting to your hosts.


Accommodation safety

This tends to fall into three categories:

  • Fire Safety
  • Crime
  • Health & Hygiene

For more details regarding fire safety please visit our Fire Safety page.

There are many steps you can take to reduce the threat from crime at your chosen accommodation and our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop examines these in more detail.

Make sure you get into the habit if inspecting accommodation and develop a routine of securing your chosen location.

Once this has become second nature you will find on arrival at your chosen location you spend a few minutes checking before you check-in and spend the first few minutes in your room protecting yourself and your possessions.

The accommodation choices you make should consider:

  • Location
  • Fire safety measures
  • Security features
  • Ease of egress
  • Room choices available
  • Cleanliness (especially checking for those bed bugs..)
  • Cost
  • Facilities
  • Recommendations
  • Your Intuition