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Our People

Our team of managers, trainers and instructors are professionals with a great deal of experience in their field. They are drawn from many different sectors including; the fire service, police, security industry, entertainments industry, the ambulance service, hospitality industry, Universities, travel industry and international blue chip companies. We use this considerable knowledge base alongside their extensive experience of independent travel to develop our training and services.


The key members of our team include:


Peter Mayhew - Managing Director

Peter established Beyond The Blue ltd. in 2005, bringing together an impressive set of instructors and experts with the aim of providing training and consultancy services. Safe Gap Year is launched under the same guiding principles of delivering excellence is training and service standards.

Previously he has worked in a number of different organisations, including extensive work within the University sector. In these roles he was instrumental in changing attitudes; he realised and exploited the benefits of Conflict Management and Resolution Training well before it was made mandatory by bodies such as the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and the NHS CFSMS. Developing new innovative systems and training programmes is a speciality and he has designed many for companies to use in order to manage risk, meet statutory requirements, focus on service levels and manage workplace violence.

During his time working within the University sector, Peter trained thousands of young adults to be able to perform in positions with responsibility far beyond their years. He has the ability to communicate with candidates of all ages to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved.

His passion for independent travel and his sense of adventure has taken him to over 50 countries across the world. These include countless on the tourist & backpacker routes, many on the adventure travellers trail and some that even the adventure travel industry knows little about.

He has travelled independently to countries as varied as Mongolia and Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and USA, Vanuatu and Morocco, Kiribati and Cambodia, and Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands; so remote the USA chose it as the site for their nuclear testing programme.

This combination of experience and knowledge makes him uniquely placed to deliver the Independent Travel Safety and Cultural Awareness workshop. He has experienced first-hand the best and worst which independent travel has to offer; the knowledge he has to pass on will help others manage the challenges of independent travel, without allowing them to ruin a trip.

Peter is still very active, delivering much of the training provided by Beyond The Blue himself and his success is reflected in the positive feedback he receives.


Business Development Manager – To be appointed

The position of Business Development Manager recently became vacant. We were very sorry to lose an excellent member of our team, but wish Rachel and her new family all the best.




We work with a number of trainers, instructors and consultants who are all professional experts in their field (not all are listed here).


Roger Gould - Instructor


Roger Gould brings a wealth of experience to the training courses he delivers. With a CV dating back over 30 years, his knowledge and understanding of the subjects he instructs in, is a catalyst for good learning amongst candidates attending his courses.


Roger joined the Metropolitan Police in 1974 served for 26 years in many different capacities and achieved many specialities. He was awarded the Chief Superintendents Commendation on several occasions.


During his time in the police Roger specialised in areas including; advanced driving and motorcycle, surveillance, evidence gathering, armed response, physical training instructor, riot trainer, quick-kuff and rigid baton instructor, officer safety trainer, manual handling trainer, armed counter terrorist officer and trainer (including firearms tactics, batons, rigid handcuffs and CS spray), amongst others.


Since leaving the Metropolitan Police Roger has brought his skills into the private sector working for several organisations providing training, management and consultancy services. The training he has developed and presented have a varied from defensive driving techniques, personal safety in the media sector (for camera crews and reporters going into hostile environments), physical intervention and conflict management and resolution.


Beyond The Blue and Safe Gap Year were delighted to secure the services of such an experienced individual as an instructor. Not only does Roger bring his years of experience both as a police trainer and active police officer, in the 9 years since he left the Police Force he has delivered training in a variety of different sectors from the NHS, local authorities, Royal Parks Police, local authority community support officers & wardens, licensed retail sector and private security industry.


All his experience coupled with a great sense of humour, an ability to communicate effectively with people on any level and ability to integrate those he is training into the subject matter, make him a very positive asset to not only us, but all of our clients.



Job Opportunities 

There are currently no full time vacancies at Safe Gap Year


We are however always keen to hear from qualified instructors and if you are experienced, professional, dynamic, focussed and have the ability to deliver exceptional customer service, then please send us a CV and covering letter. We maintain these on file and if a suitable opportunity arises in the future we may consider those submitted.


Our appointment of freelance trainers is strictly on a fee per contract basis. These opportunities are ideal for existing freelance trainers looking to expand the number of employers they work for.


Beyond The Blue Limited is an Equal Opportunities employer. Applications are welcome from all sections of the community.