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An Introduction to Our Workshops

Independent and gap year travel should be the most exciting and invigorating time of your life. The world is at your feet and almost nowhere is inaccessible to the intrepid traveller; from the top of the world on the Himalayan plateau to the reefs and shipwrecks lying on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Experiences come no better than packing a few belongings in a dusty old back pack and taking off around the world.

Travel presents challenges to overcome, but the knowledge gained in overcoming them is all part of the experience. Statistics put the frequency of a 'serious incident' occurring to the independent traveller at 1 in every 4; crime, health issues, accidents and alcohol & drugs related events are high on that list.

These incidents, some of which may be relatively innocuous when in the UK can be significantly magnified when travelling far away from home. A simple lost or stolen passport (of which over 29,000 were lost or stolen in 2008-09) which in the UK would be a frustration and inconvenience, can when you are travelling take weeks to resolve and knock your confidence; ruining travel plans.

Very few things in life are done without training either by an employer, teacher or parent; yet travel to far flung countries where everything is unfamiliar is often done without a second thought.

Before you travel you should do your own research, keep up to date with the news from around the world (sources such as Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Travel Advice and BBC World News) and talk to people who have been there before.

Our workshops bring all the information together for you in one place. We provide the knowledge and skills you will need to help you make the most of all the opportunities presented to you and to overcome the challenges you encounter along the way.

Our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop runs over 2 days or you can attend either day separately:



Much of the world is safe for travel and if you follow some simple rules and avoid those areas of the world which really should remain out of bounds to the independent traveller, there are the most amazing travel experiences out there waiting for you.

Our workshops will increase your confidence and leave you with a sense of excitement about your travel plans.