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An Overview of Our Workshop

Gap years and independent travel are not without some level of risk; however the risk / reward balance can by weighted heavily in favour of reward, through effective planning and by learning some risk reduction skills.

What is striking is that we spend our childhood learning from our parents and teachers, our employers have a duty enshrined in law to train us for work; yet when it comes to travelling across a very unfamiliar world, many people set off with little or no guidance.

In the UK we consider risks in many different ways and put measures into place to reduce them. In our everyday lives risk reduction measures are all around; seatbelts, bicycle helmets, smoke alarms, licensed taxis, life-guards, health check-ups, even looking both ways before you cross the road…

Many of the countries travellers visit do not have the same safety standards, yet in-country we often we let our guard down and take more risk; effectively removing protection and increasing risk or ‘doubling’ the risk. For example in countries where road traffic rules seem not to apply, travellers can often be seen riding motorcycles with no protective equipment.

Our Independent Travel Safety and Cultural Awareness Workshop is designed for anyone of any age planning to travel. It benefits first time travellers as well as for those who are planning to visit a new part of the world they are unfamiliar with.

The workshop runs over two days, participants with relevant experience can choose to attend either day individually.


The First Day concentrates on personal safety skills. Drawing on our professional expertise in delivering ‘conflict management & resolution’ training to clients throughout the UK, we have adapted this knowledge to reflect the travel environment. We include some low-impact disengagement and break-away personal safety techniques to help participant resolve aggression and violence proactively.


By employing these skills and techniques the emphasis is on preventing conflict arising in the first place but being able to resolve it when it does occur.



The Second Day looks at the practicalities of planning and executing that plan. With the frequency of ‘incidents’ occurring to gap year travellers being quoted as 1 in 4, we concentrate on those ‘incidents’ which make up the vast majority of these numbers; crime, travel health, transportation and environmental issues.



The point of our workshops is not to scare participants, but rather to give them the confidence to make the most of their travel experience. Many people travelling the world spend much of their time worrying about the various risks they face and try and mitigate them at considerable expense. 


We dispel common myths and present only the facts; we provide solutions to the real challenges faced by the 250,000 people who take a ‘gap year’ every year and take some of the ‘worry’ out of travel.


The rewards are out there; let us help you grab them.


Further details on the workshops have been made available in a Frequently Asked Questions format both for the full 2 day workshop and for each individual day: