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A Real Sense of Adventure

Seeing the world my wayTony Giles is blind and 80% deaf, but if the sixth sense were the ‘sense of adventure’ he would certainly not be lacking in it.

I often struggle to explain what a ‘sense of adventure’ is, as ‘adventure’ is defined by every individual differently. What is an adventure for me, would be dull to someone else and what other people feel is very adventurous, I find mundane.

The diversity of the human spirit means that we all see adventure differently, some people prefer to avoid it and others seek it out.

But if there was a reason to travel, then I concur 100% with Tony Giles’s description which demonstrates what I think travel should be about; perfectly. It shows that the travel experience is truly open to all; old, young, people with disabilities any anyone who finds the spirit within them.

Tony has travelled extensively over the last few years and he says:

“I have proved that nothing – not even disabilities – can stop you living a full life. Travelling is more than just seeing the beautiful scenery or landscape with your eyes. It concerns using all the body’s senses. It’s about being able to engage with people, feeling different textures, eating unfamiliar foods and hearing new kinds of music. It is about being exposed to an alternative exciting culture and emerging into another country’s qualities and to return home knowing more than I did before I left”

I have not read his book ‘Seeing the world my way’ which is on sale, but I have a feeling his approach to travel will be something many people can learn from.

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Source – Metro

Date – 20th October 2010

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew