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Telegraph Recommends the Safe Gap Year Website

TelegraphThe Safe Gap Year website is recommended by the Telegraph as a good website to visit when you are planning a gap year or independent travel.

The article in which we are recommended explores the questions of how Gap Years have changed in emphasis and are they are now seen as a positive attribute on your CV, if you take part in the right kind of activity. They also resolve the confusion surrounding the terminology of a Gap Year, in the sense that the minority of people now take a whole year out.

The current economic climate is proving very difficult for young people especially with a contracting jobs market and the prospect of higher university fees on the horizon. Some people might be put off a gap year because of the additional expense involved in such activity, but don’t underestimate the benefits.

The Gap Year used to be a rite of passage for many young people; in today’s world a well thought out gap year can mark you out from the pack when applying for a job or at interview for university places. The great part about a gap year, is that what sets you apart from the rest, will also be a lot of fun for you and an experience which lasts a life-time.

Planning your gap year and deciding where to go, both from the point of view of your personal preferences and from a personal safety perspective should be the first step in this process.

As the Telegraph suggests www.safegapyear.co.uk is a great place to start that process.

At Safe Gap Year our Independent Travel Safety and Cultural Awareness Workshop considers issues of Travel Safety, alongside sessions on Cultural Awareness, Travel Health, Ethical and Responsible Travel, Travel Equipment, Destination Advice, Transport Options, Documentation, Travel Money and Insurance and more.

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Source – The Telegraph

Date – 18th August 2010

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew