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Why Choose Safe Gap Year

At Safe Gap Yeartm Training & Consultancy we are dedicated to delivering effective professional training and consultancy, while providing our clients with excellence in customer service.


Safe Gap Yeartm is a partner of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Know Before You Go Campaign and has delivered travel safety training talks at the request of the FCO at King Charles Street to the FCO’s SBA team.


‘Safe Gap Yeartm’ is a ‘Beyond the Blue’ company; our focus is on the quality of the training and consultancy we deliver. This is reflected in our ‘BIIAB Grade 1 Approved Training Provider’ status; the BIIAB describe grade 1 as ‘demonstrating outstanding quality procedures’



Our Trainers / Instructors


All our trainers and consultants are highly experienced professionals in their field.


We only employ travel safety professionals to deliver our courses and provide client services. Their objective is to provide clients with the skills and knowledge to plan and execute their travel more effectively.


The experience of our trainers brings the subject they are teaching to life. Our training is based on a variety of training methods and includes open learning, classroom based learning, scenario based learning, group work and interactive discussion; this approach allows us to meet the preferred learning styles of all learners.


For more details about our trainers and consultants please visit the Our People Page.


Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs each individual client, allowing us to make the information presented relevant to the learners attending.


Our Clients


We work with work with a very wide variety of clients and treat each with the same respect and commitment as the next.


Our clients include some of the UK’s top blue chip companies, schools, colleges, Universities, gap year companies, volunteering companies, individual travellers as well as private and public sector bodies (including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office).


Whether we are working with the HR department of a large multinational company assisting them with their Gap Year Sabbatical programme or supporting an individual planning their own unique travel adventure, we are committed to providing both with the same level of professional care and high quality of services.



Training Feedback


After every course we ask learners to complete a short feedback form; we always ask for honest comments, good and bad.


This feedback allows us to assess ourselves and act in order to improve; we understand that our service levels are a reflection of what our clients think, not what we think.


Our feedback forms are broken into two sections; scores and comments. The following is a summary of all scores, across all courses, given to us in 2010:


Scores (1 = Very Poor / 5 = Excellent):


  • ‘Course Content’ – 98.3% scored us either 5 (76.9%) or 4 (21.4%)
  • ‘Trainers Knowledge & Performance’ – 99.7% scored us either 5 (88.3%) or 4 (11.4%) 
  • ‘Presentation of Information’ – 98.0% scored us either 5 (78.8%) or 4 (19.2%)
  • ‘Accomplished Learning Objectives’ – 98.0% scored us either 5 (68.1%) or 4 (29.9%)
  • ‘Overall Courses Satisfaction’ – 98.9% scored us either 5 (77.9%) or 4 (21.0%)


The way we judge our own performance is in the feedback we receive from our clients. Please visit our Testimonials Page to see what some of our clients say about us.



Supporting All Our Clients


We are always happy to provide our clients with support, advice and further information on any of the subjects we specialise in; even after they have completed their training or a consultancy project has been completed.


We always offer our honest professional opinion based on our years of experience and close contacts with sector professionals.



Our Commitment to You


We will not cancel a course because it doesn’t suit us or because it is not ‘financially viable…’


Where we advertise an ‘open’ course, as soon as one candidate is booked onto an advertised date, we are committed to providing that service. It is our responsibility to make sure that we attract enough candidates, so even if only one or two candidates register for a course, we remain committed to delivering the course.


Since the beginning of 2008 we have not cancelled a single course; we intend to keep this record intact for many years to come.


Our Fees

We believe in complete transparency in the fees we charge.


Our course fees are fully inclusive of all tuition, course handouts and other cost associated with the course; with the exception of some travel costs where we are running in-house courses / talks outside of the South East of England.