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The world is amazing – see for yourself

‘Travel broadens your horizons’ they say, nothing could be more accurate. The world is an amazing place and any opportunity you have to see even just a little bit of it, should be pounced upon.

You don’t have to travel to the furthest corner of the world to experience something amazing and on our own little isle here in the UK there are so many things we miss every day through over familiarity. It’s when you slow your life down a bit and really look around that you’ll really see.

Travel tends to slow us down, both mentally and physically; we walk where we might otherwise drive, we browse where we might otherwise rush, we think when we might otherwise compute, we just relax.

Sometimes something truly amazing happens, just a moment in time, just a flash. I can’t recount the number of times I have been travelling and something catches my eye, a smell caught on the wind or a sound unfamiliar to my ears; I stop and smile at something I might otherwise never experience.

If ever there was a graphic demonstration of this principle this is it. What are the chances of this picture being caught, one in a million, one in a billion? or is it just one of the billions of amazing things which happen each day, out there waiting for someone to notice?

Someone I was sat next to on the train when this was printed in the paper looked over my shoulder and said “it must be a fake”; cynicism is sadly all about. I have always said with all the amazing technology the world has to offer these days, movies where almost nothing is real, they rarely provide anything as wondrous as that which the world already has on offer.

Travel gives you a window onto that amazing world.

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To view the original article – Watch the birdy

Source – Metro 

Date – 23rd November 2010

Submitted by – Peter Mayhew